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AdvancedEPM is nationally recognized in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Science, Data Integration and Managed Services. We provide complete and comprehensive advisory, full life-cycle solution implementation, and managed services offerings to some of the world's most well-known companies. READ MORE
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4 Dec
Big Data is a Big Deal – Maximizing the value of big data analytics and the cloud

Big data is a big deal. With new sources and growing volumes of data flooding in daily, how do you turn all of that data into meaningful insights that give your business a competitive advantage? The key to getting value out of big data is in processing it for insights and improved decision-making. This webinar […]

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12 Apr

Collaborate15 – Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 12-16, 2015

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21 Jun

Kscope15 – ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2015 – Hollywood, FL, June 21-25, 2015. Special discount code available from AdvancedEPM to receive $100 off registration!

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